Technology tidbits

When it comes to always getting it right, Structen are the experts, but what’s a tradesman without his tools?

The great thing about working in the industry today is the range of tools and equipment making construction quicker, safer and more efficient than ever. Take a look at some of the top technology trends that every tradie should know about;

Construction Exoskeleton

Unpowered exoskeletons are reducing the stress on backs, knees and shoulders by helping workers carry out what would usually be a strenuous task.

Exoskeletons use counterweights, metal tubing and a harness to transfer the weight of a heavy tool into the ground.

Exoskeletons are expected to become a standard piece of equipment among construction companies by 2021.

Thermal Imaging

While thermal imaging has been commonly used for years to detect water leaks, electrical hotspots and other common issues, it is now available on your mobile device making it easier than ever to access and transport your equipment from site to site.

Virtual Reality Design

VR technology is now used to help designers and builders gain a better understanding of the project they’re working on.

VR allows people to gain greater perception, immersing themselves in the model to fully understand what tools and requirements are needed to complete the project.

For those looking to interact with the design in front of them, holographic headsets are also becoming more available for businesses, helping designers and builders to be hands-on in the planning stage.

Engineered Living Materials

This is a strange one. Living materials such as bone, skin, bark and coral are being trialed in buildings due to their ability to self-repair and respond to changes in their surroundings. Did you know algae can be used to control temperatures and air quality in buildings?

Staying in-the-know with the latest and greatest in construction technology is a must to stay on top and that’s why we do our research!