We build stuff.
We are really good at it.
Like really good.

Delve Deeper

We’ve been trusted to put our hand to some of Australia’s most recognised brands

We get excited when we get to build something new, and it’s especially good when it’s a place we’ve visited since we were kids, or a place we like to go for our favourite doughnuts, or a new concept for one of our favourite clients. We’ve brought lots of projects to life showcasing these great Australian Companies.

We Believe In

Our company culture is one of the best things about us. We know how we want to conduct business.

It is the reason that people are drawn to work with us, the reason that some people don’t fit with us, and the reason that people stay.

We have very simple values, that we believe in and we uphold.

Our success has come from exactly this, and by treating the people who help us along the way with fairness and respect.

We will never compromise this to make a profit. NEVER.

We promise you 3 things

We Listen.

This is not only a form of respect; it is fundamentally important to the success of every project we undertake. We understand the importance of listening, and so we do.

We’re Honest.

No sugar coating, no twisting, no fabricating, no stories, no bluffs. You will get the truth. Always. (even if it’s ugly).

Structen Home We Always Do Whats Right Badge Background

We’ll always do what’s right.

Values are not old fashioned. Right has always been right. Wrong has always been wrong. When confronted with a choice, we will always do what is right. No sometimes, not 90% of the time, ALWAYS.

Acknowledgement of Country

Our office is located in Cattai NSW, on land belonging to the Darug people.

We acknowledge that they are the traditional custodians of the land that we work on every day.

We thank them for protecting the bushland and ecosystems in this beautiful area that we love.

We pay our respects to the elders past and present, and extend that respect to all first nations people.