Some really awesome people.

Working alone sucks, so we put together a great team to tackle mountains and share biscuits with. Our team is here to help your team. We are all very different, so chances are, at least one of us will have something in common with you!

We design, develop, and build. We also have brilliant ideas. One day we will be rich, so you best work with us while we still need the money
We’re a smart bunch Work With Structen
We are social

If you’re going to work with us you probably want to know a bit about us. So here we are in our full, unfiltered, uncensored form. Connect, follow, beware.

Our Partners
  • Sitemate

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    Our Quality Management System is powered by Sitemate using the Dashpivot platform. We use Dashpivot by Sitemate for everything from how we handle variations, methodology, EOT’s, RFI’s, Purchase orders, site diaries, client supplied products and services, storage of materials and equipment, security, inspections and defects.
    Genius software and great people.
  • Computerwerx

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    We would really be up the creek without a paddle without Syd, our “IT Guy”. You know how they say never work with animals or children? We feel the same about computers! Syd is on speed dial. He is the one who makes everything better when something won’t connect, or print, or gets lost… you get the picture. We stick to building stuff, and Syd takes care of everything IT related, because we have no idea! We love you Syd!
  • Custom Printing

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    Craig and Kellie from Custom Printing are a small family business located in the Southern Highlands. Never underestimate the value of a quality printer! They handle all of our printing and promotional needs, because it doesn’t matter how many times I try to make stuff look good myself, it just doesn’t happen! Craig is a perfectionist, and anything we need, it’s done. Docket books, business cards, letterheads, promotional information, I even got a Structen lamp! If you think that printing is printing, think again. I am amazed every time I open a delivery from Custom Printing.

  • Lizard Financial Solutions

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    Although Structen have our own in-house Accountant, we engage Diana from Lizard Financial Solutions for Tax Accounting, Auditing and transparency. We call Diana a wizard because we can’t believe how much stuff this lady knows! She guides us with investment advice, provides financing solutions and is a wealth of information on just about anything to do with numbers. Diana is a vital part of the Structen team.
  • Getmilk

    See this website. The one your looking at now…. this was created by the amazing team at Getmilk. Structen had 2 previous versions of their website before they found Getmilk and finally Lyndall is happy!! Peter and the team at Getmilk have done a brilliant job and we are sure you’ll agree. How cool is our website? We love it, and are incredibly grateful that Peter was able to execute exactly what we wanted and nothing was too much trouble… move this, change that, add this, smaller, bigger, less orange… Thanks so much Peter! You’re a legend!
    Rod Faulks – Southwest Fuels
    “Their industry knowledge was very evident and gave us confidence in their ability through the whole process”