A little about Structen.

“I would recommend Structen to anyone. David, Lyndall and their team are a pleasure to deal with, and we couldn’t be happier with what they delivered us.”
Rod Faulks – Southwest Fuels

What We Do

At Structen we are passionate about our work and believe in delivering quality service to our clients.
Structen offer a complete design service. We work with a brilliant team of Architects, Designers and Consultants that will bring your project to life, even if it’s still an idea in your head.

As you can probably tell by now, we build things. Service Stations, Fast Food Outlets, Warehouses, Schools, Restaurants, Aged Care Facilities, Childcare Centres, Boarding Houses, Showrooms, Leisure Centres…. you name it, we’ve probably done it.

We have long standing relationships with a catalogue of first-class Sub Contractors who deliver exceptional quality work. They have to. Otherwise they wouldn’t be working with Structen.

Project Management

Director and Project Manager David Dordevic, is hands down one of the best Project Managers in NSW.

He has worked on over 100 Commercial Projects that have been delivered on or ahead of schedule, on budget and to the highest standards.

If you require an independent Project Manager so you can sleep soundly at night, David’s your man

The Founders

The Founders of Structen, David and Lyndall, both had years of experience in Construction under their belts when they met. David as a Site Manager and Project Manager, and Lyndall in Corporate Construction. Together, they shared a niche skillset perfect for operating a successful Construction Company, so that’s exactly what they did. They took the plunge, and Structen was born! They made such a great team, they even decided to marry each other. Naaawwww.

The Details

There is lots of stuff you need to know about a company if you’re going to work with them. Some of it’s boring, but it’s all important, so we’ll try and keep it short.

Our Financial Capability

This is a biggie. If you are going to entrust your project to a builder, one of the first things you should want to know is that they are financially OK, that they pay their Employees and Subcontractors on time, and that they aren’t going to go belly up halfway through construction (that would be bad).

One of the easiest ways to check this out is to head to www.creditorwatch.com.au ‐ for a small fee you can purchase a credit report on any Australian Company, and then you know exactly who you’re getting into bed with.

Structen do not outsource their finances to anyone. Our Director, Lyndall, is a qualified Accountant who has worked in the Construction Industry for over 20 years. She intricately tracks the budgets and cashflow of every project, every day. We engage an external Accountant for auditing, transparency and tax purposes only. Everything else is done right here. By us. Simple.

View Structen Current Credit Report


We donate a portion of our profits every month to lots of different charitable organisations who are out there making a difference to our world. We also donate to a selected charity for each project we complete. We love, and believe in the work that these organistions do, and we are proud to be able to help make a difference.

See the amazing charities we support


We do whatever we can to ensure that we make as little impact on our environment as possible. Our environmental management plan has been developed in accordance with the highest Australian standards to make sure we minimise waste, and we don’t contaminate our waterways, stormwater or sewer. We currently have a zero noncompliance on all our projects (insert applause).

We use green power energy and 100% recycled office products. We even use Bamboo toilet paper!

See You Tomorrow.

In many corporations, the managers make public statements to promote their company on the merits of their outstanding attention to safety. They then return to their office and leave safety matters to delegates to enforce.

When injury or death occurs, these same managers are shocked that their ‘safety first’ organisation has been inattentive to the safety they have been liberally promoting.

We don’t do that. We have a dedicated WHS Manager who works directly with Lyndall and David, the Directors of the company. Lyndall and David have learnt first‐hand exactly what they need to do to keep their team safe at work.

We want to see all our workmates tomorrow, and so do their families.

Quality Management Systems

Our Project Management Plan (PMP) is developed in accordance with ISO standards. It covers everything from how we handle variations, methodology, EOT’s, site diaries, client supplied products and services, storage of materials and equipment, security, inspections and defects.

The PMP is monitored and audited. A copy is available to all staff, anyone engaged in the construction works on site, anyone beginning work at the site and the WHS representative.

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